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About HedgeStar

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Hedging Made Simple.

Founded in 2004, HedgeStar is a leading independent provider of outsourced valuation and hedge accounting services for financial instruments including interest rate, currency, and commodity derivatives. HedgeStar provides derivative fair value calculations, cash flow hedge accounting, fair value hedge accounting, and risk management services.


The HedgeStar team is comprised of valuation experts, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and hedging program professionals. We deliver our services with a personal touch. We understand our clients and their portfolios and are an extension of their risk, finance and accounting departments. We strive to live by our core values every day. 

The HedgeStar Difference

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On-Call CPAs and Quants

Our team of dedicated accounting experts and quantitative analysts is available to answer your financial instrument valuation and hedge accounting questions.  They are here to help discuss methodologies and walk through the best way to structure your hedging program.  Think of them as an added member of your middle and back-office teams.

Auditor / Regulator Interface​

HedgeStar knows financial instrument valuation and accounting concepts are difficult to apply and can lead to divergent interpretations.  We eliminate that burden on clients by interfacing directly with auditors and regulators, using our domain expertise to address issues of interpretation and judgment.  We also provide comprehensive documentation to auditors and regulators that streamlines the evaluation process.

Audit Committee / Board / Analyst Presentations

HedgeStar works with numerous companies and their accounting and financial reporting teams, advising on thousands of hedging transactions.  Our staff has prepared countless presentations and supporting documentation for audit committee, risk committee, board, and analyst reviews.  HedgeStar relieves the burden of the review and presentation process.

Independent Valuations Review

HedgeStar’s independent valuations of complex, hard-to-value financial instruments are used by hundreds of companies across the country.  We serve clients by validating the numbers presented in their financial statements. Our streamlined process gives auditors fast, accurate results so that they can efficiently finalize their work for clients. Our easy-to-read reports allow auditors to quickly identify any differences in fair value that need to be addressed. HedgeStar uses market standard pricing models and a documented, consistent valuation approach for every client. Our methodologies and procedures are accepted by all of the accounting firms we work with, and those firms are satisfied that our valuations meet their internal controls and procedures.

HedgeStar Core Values


We understand and work toward achieving the company vision and mission 


We believe in teamwork and collaboration with one another


We are committed to anticipating our client needs and responding to requests


We value timeliness and responsiblity in our daily work


We demonstrate high ethical standards both personally and professionally 


We believe in the importance of enjoying the work that we do on a daily basis


*SOC 1® – SOC for Service Organizations

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