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Helping audit firms find transparency in opaque markets

Audit firms have never been under more pressure than they are today.  With heightened scrutiny from the PCAOB and concurring partner review, auditors need more tools and subject matter expertise than ever before.  This is especially true for audits of entities with financial instruments in which independent valuations are a critical audit procedure.  Estimates and assumptions inherent in asset and liability values continue to be a high-risk area for auditors to consider in support of the audit opinion. 

As complexity in the capital markets increases, let HedgeStar help your audit firm by providing independent valuations of debt, equities, derivatives and cryptocurrencies.  Our SOC1-certified, outsourced valuation service can deliver independent values to your audit team on time and under budget.

Information provided by HedgeStar 


  • Outstanding notional

  • Accrued Interest

  • Market-to-Market value (Base NPV)

  • Fair Value (Adjusted for credit risk)

  • Credit Adjustment




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  • Security description

  • Dollar price

  • Market value (if Par Amount provided)

  • Coupon Rate (if applicable) 

  • Maturity date (if applicable) 

HedgeStar's Timeline

*Accommodations for rush-processing available upon request

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