Delivering Confidence since 2004

Founded in 2004, HedgeStar (formerly DerivActiv) delivers timely and accurate valuation and hedge accounting services, with a focus on providing transparency for financial reporting and performance optimization. We are experts in ASC 815, ASC 820, GASB 53, IAS 39, and IFRS 9 accounting standards and service delivery. Our global clients include public and private corporations, commercial real estate trusts, accounting firms, law firms, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and governmental entities.

The Best Track Record

In over a decade of serving thousands of clients, HedgeStar’s valuations and services have never caused a financial restatement. Not one.

The Best Team

The HedgeStar team is comprised of valuation experts, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and hedging program professionals. We deliver our services with a personal touch, understanding our clients and their portfolios and becoming an extension of their accounting departments.


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