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We deliver risk management consulting, derivative valuation, hedge accounting and software services, along with training opportunities and employee loan services. All with a focus on providing transparency for financial reporting and hedge performance optimization.

Risk Management
Hedge Accounting
Employee Loans

The HedgeStar Difference

On-Call Experts

If you or your auditor have a question, HedgeStar’s certified public accountants (CPAs) and valuation experts have an answer.

IR, FX & Commodities
Hedging programs encompass interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodity derivatives. HedgeStar is expert in all three.
Outstanding Coverage​

From exotic derivatives to unusual international bonds, HedgeStar has the methodology, market data, and expertise to value it.

Timeliness and accuracy are incompatible with spreadsheets and copying/pasting.
Innovative Services​

From hedge accounting previews to IFRS 9 adoption assessments, HedgeStar keeps innovating to meet client needs.

Accounting Expertise

HedgeStar keeps abreast of ever-changing accounting standards, interpretations, and reporting requirements.

Best Practices​

Since 2004 HedgeStar has been honing best practices for valuation, fair value, and hedge accounting. We bring our experience to bear for you.


HedgeStar doesn’t simply provide deliverables. We integrate with the processes of clients, accounting firms, and other partners.

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Costco Case Study

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5 Buck Cluck:

A solution to one of Costco's most important product lines

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