Debt Auction Services

HedgeStar's Debt Auction Services - Provided by Debexpert 

Debexpert helps lenders sell debt and delinquent accounts at the highest price by leveraging their online debt auction platform.  Debexpert helps buyers diversify their high yield investment portfolios.

Debexpert for Sellers 
Debexpert for Buyers 
An easy tool for transparent sale of delinquent debts:
A large number of portfolios from various originators:

Rigorous compliance and data protection.
Access to the platform is granted only after a compliance review.

Portfolio analytics by the industry professionals. Helps you estimate the sales proceeds.

All prospective buyers in one place.

Helps you receive a competitive market price.

Dedicated relationship manager.

Helps you with the platform set up and throughout the auction.

Tool kit with chats, cloud storage, post-sale CRM. Helps you to close the deal.

A wide selection of portfolios with
an option to buy by pools.
 You can choose what fits your operating model and budget best.

Easy access to all information to evaluate
the portfolio. 
You can easily download any information.

Direct communication with the seller.

Easy communicate with the sellers.

Mobile app

Helps you chat with the sellers, review portfolios, and bid on the auction even from your mobile device.

How does it work?
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For more information, please reach out to a Debexpert representative. 
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