Foreign Exchange

HedgeStar provides full service support to domestic and multi-national corporations, non-profits, and governmental entities that utilize foreign currency hedges. We provide a full range of valuation services for all types of foreign exchange (FX) products including futures, options, forwards, and swaps.  We cover all the major currencies and can customize our currency valuations on demand.

Foreign Currencies Monitored by HedgeStar

HedgeStar monitors and values the full spectrum of commonly traded global currencies. We assist clients with valuing foreign currency (FX) interest rate swaps, inflation swaps, cross currency interest rate swaps, and FX forwards, among others. Our clients depend on us to provide daily FX valuations for portfolio management purposes.

Foreign Exchange Hedging and ASC 815

Managing foreign exchange (FX) risk can be an important part of responsible financial risk management. Listed below are some commonly utilized FX strategies. Although every risk situation and solution is unique, the examples briefly explained below are often the building blocks of more complex FX hedging strategies.

Deciding if FX exposure should be hedged, can be complicated.  Deliberate FX hedging can allow a company to manage and reduce potential currency risks, thereby allowing them to focus on the institution’s core activities. Decisions about hedging FX risk can only be answered on an individual company basis by looking at all of the facts and determining the risks involved. These risk management decisions should be carefully and thoroughly analyzed before a hedge is entered into. Once the hedge has been implemented, it should be  monitored and valued on a regular basis.


HedgeStar provides a full range of valuation services to domestic and multi-national corporations, non-profits, and governmental entities that utilize FX hedge products.

We provide independent valuations of the following commonly used foreign exchange (FX) hedges:


FX spot trades                                                  FX Swaps

FX forwards                                                      FX options

We also provides FX hedge valuations for the following more complex foreign exchange transactions, such as:

FX target range notes                                      FX barrier options

Range accrual swaps                                       Digital options