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Full Service Hedge Accounting

Hedge Accounting Setup

Problem Solved: How do I put on hedge accounting?

Hedge memo with unofficial monthly, quarterly or annual close at beginning of hedge relationship. Used by clients and their auditors to initiate hedge accounting. Includes as necessary new client setup, trade configurations, market data inputs, and methodologies.

Hedge Accounting Close

Problem Solved: How do I get my official deliverables for close?

Official monthly, quarterly or annual close. Used to generate official deliverables for clients and their auditors. Includes fair valuations, effectiveness testing, and ledger entries.

Auditor Interface

Problem Solved: How do I answer questions from my auditor about my hedge accounting?

Interface between HedgeStar and client’s auditor. Includes calls, emails, and documentation. Used by clients to streamline burden of interfacing with auditors about hedge accounting.

Audit Committee / Board / Analyst Presentations

Problem Solved: How do I present my hedge accounting to audit committees, boards, and analysts?

Presentation materials provided by HedgeStar. Customized from HedgeStar’s resource library. Used by clients to explain their hedge accounting internally and externally.

Hedge Accounting Preview

Problem Solved: How do I know what my hedge accounting results might look like ahead of time?

Unofficial snapshot of current hedging relationships including fair valuation, effectiveness testing, and ledge entries. Used by client to anticipate official monthly, quarterly or annual results. Generated by HedgeStar at client request.

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