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HedgeStar University is expert training and education directly from the source!  Our courses are comprehensive - we cover various risk management strategies, derivative valuation techniques, as well as accounting for derivatives.  We offer tutorials and workshops catered to your specific needs delivered by financial professionals and CPAs.  If training is more than you need, we also offer a library of articles, white papers, and other reference materials for your use.    

Meet Your Professors

John Trefethen
Tim Potter
Kevin Jarvis
Annika France
Tanner Mathy


Although we don't offer college credits, we do offer training with a wide breadth of knowledge and real world experience.  Our team of "Professors" know the industry and have a combined 75+ years of experience in providing training to both seasoned and new industry professionals.  They will design a custom training course to meet your needs.  


Known for our subject matter expertise in derivatives, hedge accounting, and general risk management, we have authored a number of articles in industry publications.  


Full list of resources 

Library of books

Our reference materials include a variety of sources.  We have an eBook, white papers, various tool kits, articles, and topic overviews. Everything created has been developed by our CPAs and experts in the industry.

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