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HedgeStar is a proud partner of 
Risk Management Software​

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HedgeStar is the official KYOS distribution and implementation agent for North America and South America. We are the first line support system for our clients, and ​we are users of the KYOS PRM system.

Since the start of
KYOS in 2008, their mission is to serve professionals in the energy business (power and natural gas) or those working with commodities with superior models to aid with decision-making. Through the system, risk management positions can be catalogued, analyzed and reported into concise risk metrics.​ The system can consolidate information including physical & financial contracts,   volume forecasts & market prices.

What HedgeStar provides:

What KYOS provides:

KYOS provides risk analysis and hedge valuation software to companies in energy and commodity trading​

KYOS has a strong existing client base in (mainly) Europe​

KYOS has identified commodity risk management for corporates as a growth market​

KYOS provides an end-to-end solution with HedgeStar as its service agent.

HedgeStar provides financial consulting in risk management and hedge accounting​

HedgeStar has a strong client base in the US and Latin America

HedgeStar has identified commodity risk management for corporates as a growth market​

HedgeStar provides an end-to-end solution with KYOS at its core.

Free Webinar Recording - Advanced Risk Management 

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