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*This event is no longer open and has already taken place.

Hedge Optimization:

Balancing Strategy with Proper Accounting

A Course Tailored for Energy Companies Addressing Hedging Activities, Derivative Instruments, and Fair Value

October 29 - 30, 2018  |  Chicago, IL

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As an instructor at EUCI's upcoming Hedge Optimization: Balancing Strategy with Proper Accounting, I can extend a 10% discount* off the registration price to you and your colleagues. Join me at EUCI with a “Friends of HedgeStar” discounted rate.


Use Discount Code: HEDGE10OFFHS When Registering

Companies involved in oil and gas and electricity markets should appreciate the significant effects that price volatility in these sectors can have on reported earnings. And given the availability of derivative tools relating to these prices, the choice is clear: Either operate in a disciplined, business-like fashion by taking the required actions to understand these risks relating to these prices and control them… or do nothing and hope for the best. 

This course is designed to meet that need. It explains the various gas, oil, and electricity derivative contracts that can be used to control the associated risks. It details how these contracts work and how they should be used, how they are priced, and how to account for them. Case examples, problem-solving illustrations and case studies are used throughout the course to enhance the understanding of the material.

Key Takeaways Include


  • Alternative derivative structures, and their related hedge objectives

  • How derivatives are priced, how they work, and how they’re traded

  • Prospective outcomes associated with different hedging strategies

  • Allowable accounting treatments and appreciate requirements to qualify for the most advantageous presentation

Ira Kawaller

Dr. Ira Kawaller
Managing Director, HedgeStar


EUCI is proud to partner with Dr. ​Ira Kawaller, Director at HedgeStar — a Minneapolis-based firm that offers strategic and accounting services relating to derivative contracts. Immediately prior to joining HedgeStar, Ira founded his own consulting services with the same focus.  

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“I found this course to be extremely beneficial. I am new to the industry and my organization is venturing into the financial futures market. I am tasked with accounting and reporting for these agreements. Not having a background in derivatives posed a challenge for me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this course.” - Corporate Accountant, OPPD

* Please note that you can earn either a 10% individual discount or the 4/3 group discount, but cannot combine both on the same registrations. All discount offers to new registrations only.

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