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Careers at HedgeStar 

We are HedgeStar, a Twin Cities firm specializing in derivative consulting, valuation, reporting, and hedge accounting services. We are constantly searching for skilled individuals to join our dynamic team. Find out more about our upcoming position openings. 

Business Meeting

This team provides the opportunity to interact with all levels of the HedgeStar’s services and grow in a multi-faceted role.

Our operations team builds trades in our systems of record, monitors client trading activity, produces valuation statements and provides hedge accounting reports related to derivative trades.  Additionally this team is client-facing and is expected to answer customer requests and questions.  Operations team members may evolve into dedicated advisory roles as part of HedgeStar’s risk management consulting services that include but are not limited to enterprise risk management, hedge policy creation, hedge accounting implementation and/or SaaS onboarding.

Operations Team

Colleagues Working in Office

This team provides the opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of marketing while supporting the HedgeStar mission. 

Our marketing team is responsible for managing email campaigns, social media, advertisements and other various digital media platforms. We strive to bring brand awareness and consistent messaging to our clients and partners.

 Our marketing team is regularly communicating directly with our internal and external channel partners. 

Marketing Team

Reaching a Deal

This team provides the opportunity to work with all levels of HedgeStar’s services and to grow and learn all aspects of HedgeStar’s risk management, valuation and derivative accounting offerings.

Our sales team is responsible for selling HedgeStar’s services by identifying and converting leads, educating prospects on services through calls, trainings, and presentations as well as providing existing customers with exceptional support.  Our sales team develops pricing strategy, negotiates contracts and supports the marketing department with the development of sales and marketing collateral.

Sales Team

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