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Enterprise Risk Management Strategy 


Risk management is an item on almost every company’s “to-do” list. It’s a great concept, but where to begin and how to start? HedgeStar consulting services can assist with creating an enterprise risk management framework that will suit any organization and its hedging programs.


For many organizations, hedging knowledge is concentrated to an individual or a small group; and in most cases, senior leaders and directors lack the background information or experience necessary to evaluate how hedging programs are designed and executed.  We address this knowledge gap with an objective review and assessment of current financial risk management practices that will either validate current practices or suggest improvements that align with industry best practices.

Implementing New Risk Management Program 

Hedgestar consulting services can assist with creating an enterprise risk management framework that will suit any organization and its hedging programs. We focus first on governance by helping organizations establish committees for maintaining meaningful oversight of risk management programs. We help create a risk management policy that is useful and sustainable while clearly outlining the role of governance functions, risk reporting (e.g. scorecards), responsibilities of risk groups, and key controls. We also help make risk scorecards, which provide a glimpse into the state of risk at the organization relative to key risk limits and other important metrics. Finally, we work with clients to institute changes at the process, risk & control level to help accomplish key business objectives.

Evaluate Existing Risk Management Program 

As former auditors, our thorough examination of your existing risk management framework always yields positive recommendations and actionable take-aways.  Our approach is “top-down” – evaluating governance, assessing key employee roles and responsibilities, refining risk policy and then moving into more granular processes and controls.  Our experts help to reduce operational and financial risks, and in many cases, create greater efficiencies and lower costs to the enterprise.

New System Implementation

Organizations desiring new risk management or hedging software often lack the resources and time necessary to evaluate their options and identify the best fit.  Problems continue after selecting a software vendor as the burden of implementing a new platform and training staff takes hold. Let HedgeStar be an extension of your team and alleviate the pressures of choosing and onboarding a new software solution.



Training and Education

We offer custom training and education to our clients, boards of directors, audit firms, and other stakeholders looking to improve understanding of derivatives – how these contracts work, how they’re priced, how they’re traded, how they can be expected to perform, and the accounting that should be applied.  Let us tailor a program for you.


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