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HedgeStar’s Tim Potter participates in hedging workshop at the LME Ferrous Forum

By: Heidi Lindahl, Senior Marketing Manager


Chicago, IL –HedgeStar’s hedge accounting manager, Tim Potter, CPA was recently invited to participate in the LME Ferrous Forum which followed the 11th Steel Scrap Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The LME ferrous team hosted the event to share insight into how LME’s ferrous contracts are providing the steel market with an effective hedging and trading tool, with HedgeStar providing insights into recent changes to hedge accounting under US GAAP and IFRS.

Led by Marko Kusigerski, Head of Ferrous with LME, the workshop provided an overview of the steel scrap and rebar market, focusing on the increasing usage of the LME Steel Scrap and LME Steel Rebar indices as effective hedging tools in today’s market. Other participants at the workshop included brokers, market analysts, advisers, as well as major consumers of steel, rebar and other scrap products.

Potter is a subject matter expert in hedge accounting and compliance regulations. He’s led numerous speaking engagements and training sessions in the industry, from commodity hedging to interest rate and foreign exchange.

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