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HedgeStar Introduces Latest eBook: ABCs of Interest Rate Risk Management for Financial Depositories

Most banks and credit unions have similar business models – they fund long-term assets (loans to customers) with short-term liabilities (deposits from customers). Current market conditions, rising interest rates and a flattening yield curve, put pressure on this business model through increased interest rate risk. HedgeStar has written the attached e-book, The ABCs of Interest Rate Risk Management for Financial Depositories.

The purpose of the e-book is to discuss the following concepts:

  • Define interest rate risk and provide techniques to measure interest rate risk

  • Provide strategies for managing interest rate risk

  • Discuss best practices for implementing and running an interest rate risk management program

The e-book is intended to be an introduction to these concepts. Whether you are an accountant, a financier, a member of your financial institution’s ALCO, or a director, we believe the concepts in the e-book will provide you with a beneficial overview of these topics. After reading the e-book, we welcome your questions and comments.


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