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Justin Krieg Joins HedgeStar Affiliate, MPT Services, as Vice President

Krieg Will Provide Litigation Support and Expand Product Offerings of MPT Services

Justin Krieg, VP MPT Services

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – HedgeStar, a leading provider of financial risk management consulting, valuation and hedge accounting services, is pleased to announce that Justin Krieg has joined the Minneapolis office as Vice President at MPT Services (“MPT”).

MPT has recently expanded its services to provide litigation consulting to the financial services sector. MPT is an interdependent web-based data and technology provider serving the municipal market. It offers a secondary market trading evaluation for tax-exempt bonds. MPT is under common ownership and management with HedgeStar.

Mr. Krieg, who earned his doctorate in Economics from the Krannert School of Business at Purdue University, brings quantitative expertise and consulting experience to MPT. He will work to expand the product offerings of MPT while also enhancing its litigation consulting services.


“As much as I love working to understand the story behind the data, I find it even more rewarding when I can communicate those insights to others and help them make thoughtful and informed decisions.”


Prior to joining MPT, Mr. Krieg gained experience as a Legal Economic Consultant, and later as a Senior Consultant at Robins Kaplan LLP where he was responsible for leading small teams in support of the firm’s financial and antitrust litigation practices. These projects varied in nature but included evaluations of potential cases, the development and programming of economic and statistical analysis, review of expert reports, preparation and support of expert witnesses, management and analysis of large complex datasets and communication and education of findings.

After spending his career at Robins Kaplan as an internal consultant, Justin is excited about the possibilities for MPT. “The role of an internal consultant at a law firm is well defined and while I excelled in that role, the opportunity to apply my quantitative skills to a broader set of problems, while also developing new products and services, was the type of entrepreneurial opportunity that I could not pass up. I have found my brief time here to be invigorating and I am very excited to see what we can develop and achieve.”

“We are thrilled to have Justin on board. He brings a ton of experience and savvy to our team. We’re particularly excited to leverage his expertise for data analytics and to provide clients with unique market insight,” said Craig Haymaker, Chief Operating Officer with HedgeStar.

Contact Information

Justin Krieg, PhD.

Vice President | MPT Services



Media Contact:

Megan Roth

Marketing Generalist


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