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HedgeStar's Response to the Coronavirus

By: Craig Haymaker, Chief Operating Officer

Like many other organizations, HedgeStar is taking proactive steps to protect our team’s health and safety during this unusual time. Minimizing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is imperative as we seek to keep our employees and their family members healthy. We believe in doing our part to "flatten the epidemiologic curve,” meaning doing what we can to slow down and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in order to lessen the burden on our healthcare systems. For these reasons, HedgeStar has implemented changes to our business practices through at least mid-April, including

  1. eliminating all non-essential and internal business travel;

  2. instituting a work-from-home policy; and

  3. prohibiting our team from attending large gatherings such as business conferences.

Importantly, the HedgeStar team is available and fully committed to client service during this time. We pride ourselves on client responsiveness and do not expect this to change given our new business policies. Our team is accustomed to working remotely and, as a standard practice, we already provide our cell phone numbers within our e-mail footers to ensure we are reachable at any time. During this time, please contact us via business e-mail and cell phone numbers.


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