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A Mix of Technical Factors Contributed to the Break in Momentum, With More Volatility Possible

Minneapolis, MN | August 29, 2023 | By: Steve Sinos, Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC

The down week was not very surprising given the mix of indicators that were followed by weak economic data. This could be a short-term inflection point before macro retakes the wheel.

Three Things

  1. A softer end to the trading week highlights short-term risks - traders can quickly respond to negative surprises.

  2. Despite an increasingly muddied collection of options positions, risk balancing has been a reliable indicator of Brent’s trading range. That options data points to potentially weak support below the recent trading range of $80-$87.50.

  3. A more granular analysis of speculative positions shows Money Managers riding trends, as expected, while quants are comparatively stable, offering possible insights into short-term inflections.

Oil Prices Weren’t Going to Rise Forever

One down week over a two-month period isn’t necessarily the end of the bull run. It is, however, a reminder that prices don’t go on uninterrupted climbs, and when they are on a decent streak, mean reversion can happen fast. This week’s headlines of weak Chinese demand will get the blame for the end-of-week weakness, but there is more nuance to it than that. Market activity had suggested a pullback was likely before the data was released, with technical warning signals flashing after the October future contract failed to hold $87.50. With October Brent options expiring on Friday, we should be prepared for more of that action.

*This summary is based off August 20, 2023

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