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Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC - Final November Crude Oil Market Commentary

Minneapolis, MN | December 9, 2022 | By: Steve Sinos, Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC

Crude Oil

If there is a silver lining to the war in Ukraine, it can be found in the consideration that US leaders are forced to give sanctioned nations with resources the world needs. Over the last 10-20 years, it has been rare to make up any lost ground politically with the so-called bad actors on the sanctioned list. Last week, though, Chevron was granted a license to collaborate with Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., known commonly as PDVSA, to produce and export oil from Venezuela. It’s unlikely that this owes any credit to positive developments within the US or Venezuela’s political sphere. Its value is the leverage it gives the US and its allies to squeeze Russia without unduly punishing the world that is short of oil in the long term. The restart is expected to bring a substantial flow of heavy crude to the US Gulf Coast into refineries specifically built to take this grade, including assets owned and/or formerly owned by Chevron and Citgo (in which PDVSA owns a majority stake). The license has a variety of limitations that may slow the pace at which production can recover. Still, Chevron was reported to target 800 kbd by March 2023, fully replacing barrels the US had previously imported from Russia.

*This summary is based off November 27, 2022

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