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Blue lacy Advisors, LLC - Market Commentary

Minneapolis, MN | September 14, 2022 | By: Steve Sinos, Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, nothing has changed fundamentally. Volatility persists, but oil prices failed to break out of the recent range. In this volatility regime, speculative interest and financial market variables (e.g., currency fluctuations) remain among the top drivers of very short-term price changes. Looking beyond the weekly gyrations, spreads give us a lot of information. Oil prices should be comparatively weak versus refined products with maintenance ramping as expected, and slower-than-expected, crude imports into Asia and Europe, respectively. That relative weakness is seen in cracks that widened toward the top of the post-invasion range with diesel trading at a premium of $60 to WTI and Gasoil $45 above Brent. One would expect this to mean demand for crude into refineries will pick up as turnarounds are executed unless the pattern of slowing demand is beyond refinery intake, which would be observed in slowing product movements. That puts the focus on clean product traders out of places such as Belgium, Malaysia, and even Saudi Arabia. Recent headlines from OPEC+ (the “cartel”) traders can be ignored. Bulls and bears are twisting and folding the news to fit their narrative, but the headline change of 100 kbd is meaningless, especially considering the cartel has failed to meet its production promises. In the upcoming edition of our weekly commentary for clients, I will dive more deeply into crude and product flows to/from OPEC+ member states. We anticipate that the more volatile members, such as Libya, will account for the only material fluctuations in net trade from OPEC+.

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*This summary is as of 9/4/2022


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