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Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC - Mid December Crude Oil Market Commentary

Minneapolis, MN | December 21, 2022 | By: Steve Sinos, Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC

Crude Oil

Crude oil markets are now >30% down from their 2022 highs. WTI closed the week at $71.02, the lowest daily close of 2022, expanding its loss to $4.19/bbl compared to the 30 Dec 22 close of $75.21. More concerning for producers, though, are the messages contained in spreads and the curve. The NYMEX curve has inverted, trading in contango across all 12-forward months of 2023, while Brent trades in contango for the first 9 months of the strip. Brent’s premium to WTI has contracted from >$10 to just under $5. Brent trades at a premium to Dubai of ~$4.65; it’s worse for basins with constrained infrastructure (e.g., Canada). These are all signals that supply and demand were not as tight as feared. Analysts erroneously extrapolated demand growth coming out of the pandemic in ways that have not yet materialized, and now recession risk is priced into the forward curve.

*This summary is based off December 11, 2022

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