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Five Risk Assessments to Understand Financial Risk

Minneapolis, MN | May 30, 2024 | By: John Trefethen, Director and Co-Founder

Five Risk Assessments to Understand Financial Risk

Assessing financial risk is crucial for companies to maintain stability and make informed decisions.  Here are five risk exposure assessments that companies can conduct to better understand the financial risk in their organization:

  1. Market Risk Analysis.  Market risk refers to potential losses in the value of financial assets and liabilities due to market movements such as changes in interest rates, exchange rates, and commodity prices.  Sensitivity analysis, value-at-risk modeling, and stress testing are common techniques used to quantify and manage market risk.

  2. Credit Risk Assessment.  Credit risk arises from the possibility of counterparties failing to fulfill their financial obligations.  Companies can better understand the creditworthiness of their customers, suppliers, and other business partners using credit ratings, financial statements, and credit scoring models.  Credit risk assessment can also involve monitoring exposure to specific industries, regions, and individual counterparties to mitigate the risk of default.

  3. Operational Risk Evaluation.  Operational risk stems from internal processes, systems, and human error that can lead to financial loss.  Companies should conduct risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in their operations, such as inadequate controls, technological failures, or regulatory compliance issues.

  4. Liquidity Risk Analysis.  Liquidity risk refers to the inability to meet short-term financial obligations without incurring significant losses.  Companies should assess liquidity risk by analyzing cash flow projections, funding sources, and the availability of liquid assets.  Stress testing and scenario analysis can help companies evaluate their ability to withstand adverse liquidity events such as sudden cash outflows or disruptions in funding markets.

  5. Strategic Risk Assessment.  Strategic risk arises from external factors that can have an impact on a company’s long-term objectives and competitive position.  On a regular basis companies should identify emerging threats and opportunities in the business environment such as changes in consumer preferences, technological advancements, or regulatory reforms.

By conducting these risk exposure assessments on a regular basis, companies can gain insights into their financial risk profile and develop strategies to mitigate potential threats while capitalizing on opportunities for growth. 


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