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HedgeStar to Present at Lorman Webinar: The Valuation of Complex Financial Instruments

Minneapolis, MN | February 21, 2023 | By: HedgeStar Marketing

The Valuation of Complex Financial Instruments

HedgeStar's Kevin Jarvis, FMVA, Senior Analyst, will be presenting in a webinar hosted by Lorman Educational Services on February 23, 2023.

Enhance the understanding of complex financial instruments allowing for greater transparency in risk management-related processes. As financial instruments increase in complexity, the scrutiny from authoritative bodies such as regulators and auditors also increases. Users must understand the nature of complex financial instruments, the implications of the valuation process, and the key drivers of value. Many organizations utilize complex financial instruments as part of their broader capital and risk management strategy, while many more could benefit from the exploration and use of such instruments. However, in many cases, the valuation process is not fully understood by key stakeholders, which may result in an increased strategic and operational risk to an organization. By taking a deeper dive into valuation methodologies, this presentation will help to enhance the understanding of complex financial instruments for persons involved in these types of transactions, allowing for greater transparency in risk management-related processes for key stakeholders. Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to identify complex financial instruments and how they are used.

  • You will be able to discuss valuation concepts that are crucial for understanding model outputs.

  • You will be able to describe the data requirements needed to perform valuations.

  • You will be able to explain the importance of having insight into the methods used to value the complex financial instruments held by your organization.


Meet Kevin Jarivs, FMVA, Senior Analyst:

Kevin Jarvis, FMVA, Senior Analyst

In his role as Senior Analyst for the Operations Team, Kevin Jarvis supports HedgeStar’s primary services including outsourced derivative valuation, hedge accounting solutions, and risk management consulting. Kevin further specializes in complex financial instrument valuation and provides training on topics including valuation methodologies, hedging strategies, and hedge accounting. In addition, Kevin assists the Business Development Team with account management and new-customer onboarding.

Kevin’s goal is to serve HedgeStar’s business partners with optimal and timely solutions while fostering relationships built on diligence, integrity, and trust.

Prior to joining HedgeStar in 2020, Kevin worked in the capital finance sector, managing specialty portfolios of funding projects and performing comprehensive financial risk analysis.


Kevin holds a B.S. in Finance from Concordia University - Wisconsin and a MBA in Finance from Concordia University - Batterman School of Business. In addition, Kevin is currently pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation for which he has passed the Level I exam.

HedgeStar Media Contact:

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Office: 952-746-6056

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