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KYOS Commodity Risk Solutions

Minneapolis, MN | December 3, 2021 | By: HedgeStar marketing

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HedgeStar is an official distributor and implementation agent of KYOS Commodity Portfolio and Risk Management (PRM) software in North America and South America.

The KYOS PRM system has been developed to enhance risk management for clients throughout the retail, food and beverage, agriculture, metals and energy industries. Through the system, risk management positions can be catalogued, analyzed, and reported into useful and concise risk metrics. With its user-friendly interface, the system can consolidate information including physical contracts, financial contracts, volume forecasts and market prices.

Companies that need to buy commodities for their manufacturing process, are exposed to price uncertainties.


Contact Information


Mr. Craig Haymaker

6400 Flying Cloud Drive #212

Minneapolis MN 55344

Phone: +1 866 200 9012


Mr. Richard Cornielje

Nieuwe Gracht 49

2011 ND Haarlem,

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 23 5510 221


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