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Near-Term Risks Pinned on Technical Factors put Timing of Long-Term Bullish Expectations in Question

Minneapolis, MN | April 3, 2023 | By: Steve Sinos, Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC

Three things

  1. Market cycles are shorter than fundamental cycles. So, at this point, bullish traders are guessing about when the bull run will start and how to position themselves to take advantage.

  2. In the meantime, another week of liquidation in a market driven by technical factors. It is unclear how long this trend can run, but it will likely lead to high volatility.

  3. Products, especially jet fuel, are getting attention now. Jet fuel demand growth, especially in China, is expected to account for much of the expected oil demand growth in 2023.

Crude Oil

I shared the following sentiment during a variety of meetings and conversations with clients this week:

You can’t “remain bullish” an asset whose value has fallen >40%; you are “bullish again.”

That’s where we are with oil prices. More importantly for risk management, I hope it emphasizes the difference between a fundamental forecast and the practical execution of strategy. The risk cycle is shorter than the fundamental cycle, so you should be prepared for market volatility. Especially in market environments like this one, with heightened volatility driven by technical factors and risk adjustments, which points to more volatility. That means considering your budget timing - what does annualized volatility in the 45 range mean for your budget? What are the downside scenarios (which could mean higher or lower prices, depending on whether you are a producer or a consumer) that you are willing to accept? Beyond those, what are the costs you are willing to pay to minimize risk?

*This summary is based off March 26, 2023

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