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HedgeStar Software Advisory

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Why HedgeStar? 

Choosing the right software vendor can make or break a company.  This is especially true for entities seeking a trading and risk management solution within a critical time frame and budget.

Let HedgeStar be your guide for finding best-fit, best-of-breed technology.

HedgeStar's World Class Software Providers

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HedgeStar is the official KYOS distribution and implementation agent for North America and South America. We are the first line support system for our clients, and ​we are users of the KYOS PRM system.  HedgeStar offers KYOS to its clients in the form of either outsourced or a SaaS-based solution.

Since the start of 
KYOS in 2008, their mission is to serve risk professionals in all industries that work for companies with multi-asset risk exposures by providing them with superior risk models to aid with decision-making. Through the system, risk management positions can be catalogued, analyzed and reported into concise risk metrics.​ The system can consolidate information including physical and financial contracts, forecasts, and market prices.  KYOS synthesizes this commodity data to produce important risk metrics from basic (mark-to-market, budget comparison, and stress testing) to advanced (value at-risk, cash flow at-risk, earnings at-risk and monte carlo simulation).​

What HedgeStar provides:

  • HedgeStar provides financial consulting in risk management and hedge accounting​


  • HedgeStar has a strong client base in the US and Latin America


  • HedgeStar has identified commodity risk management for corporates as a growth market​​

  • HedgeStar provides an end-to-end solution with KYOS at its core

What KYOS provides:

  • KYOS provides risk analysis and hedge valuation software to companies in commodity trading​

  • KYOS has a strong existing client base in (mainly) Europe​

  • KYOS has identified commodity risk management for corporates as a growth market​

  • KYOS provides an end-to-end solution with HedgeStar as its service agent.

How we work together: 

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John Trefethen
Director and Co-founder of HedgeStar
Mobile: 612-868-6013
Office: 952-746-6040

Craig Haymaker
Managing Director
Mobile: 952-240-1984 
Office: 952-208-5704

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