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Tanner Mathy

Tanner Mathy


Tanner Mathy joined HedgeStar in 2022, as an Analyst. Tanner builds trades in HedgeStar’s system of record and monitors client trading activity. Prior to HedgeStar, Tanner gained experience in commodity risk management with HTP Energy, managing fuel inventory levels on multiple pipelines based on consumer demand and available supply. He would weigh the associated tariff cost of moving fuel on the pipeline with a perceived price advantage based on HTP Energy’s competitive pricing strategy. He worked with the pricing team to ensure there was sufficient inventory to meet contract requirements and point-of-time purchases. He also worked with the supply team to understand how HTP Energy’s inventory management strategy was affected by the need to keep present supply balanced with hedging future supply needs. Tanner was also involved in project management with ENGIE, managing commercial energy-efficiency rebate applications for large-scale commercial equipment such as lighting and HVAC systems. 



Tanner graduated from Michigan State University in 2020 with a degree in Environmental Economics and Management.

Minneapolis Office

Office: 952-208-5706


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