Employee Loans Made Easy

HedgeStar is excited to partner with TrueConnect to help assist our clients as efficiently and effectively as possible 

How TrueConnect Works

TrueConnect is a web-based voluntary benefit that provides safe, affordable loans for employees, at no cost or financial risk to the employer. With no benefit enrollment process, and automated administration, it's quick and easy.

Employees Crave Financial Stability




1 in 3

of employees say that personal financial matters cause them the most stress in their lives. PWC

of households faced an unexpected financial shock in the last year. 


of Americans say they’re unable to handle a $500 car repair or a $1,000 emergency room bill. 


American families report having no savings. 


How TrueConnect Helps

TrueConnect helps employers provide financial security for their employees regardless of their financial status--no credit, poor credit or great credit.

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online application


payroll deduction

No credit

score required

Free financial


Increase employee


TrueConnect offers free financial credit counseling to all TrueConnect loan borrowers to help reduce and ensure smart borrowing

Employees with no credit or low credit scores are still eligible to apply and receive a TrueConnect loan and it helps them build credit and increase their scores

Employees can pay back their TrueConnect loans through small automatic payments deducted right from their paycheck

The loan process is a fast guided online application and provides an instant decision. Funds are deposited in employee’s account usually within 24 hours

​Help cover everyday expenses or unexpected emergencies which can help reduce financial stress resulting in happier, engaged employees

Nick Porter,

VP of Total Rewards at Signature HealthCARE

“The more benefits you can offer that really apply to everybody’s daily life, te more valued your stakeholders feel. We were looking for a funding source for our employees. Here in the next couple of months, stimulus checks and unemployment are going to dry up. With TrueConnect, we are ahead of the curve and we can avoid people tapping into their retirement plan.”