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Valuation & Fair Value Services

At HedgeStar, we value a broad range of financial instruments, from plain vanilla to exotic.  We support asset classes including municipal bonds, foreign debt, illiquid securities and derivatives. We have a proven, auditor-approved process for determining fair value as defined by ASC 820, IFRS 13, and GASB 72.

As a leading independent valuation specialist, HedgeStar is uniquely positioned to help clients meet ASC 820 requirements related to financial assets and liabilities. We have a proven, auditor-approved process for determining fair value as defined by ASC 820. Clients of all sizes and sectors rely on us to provide their quarterly and annual valuation reports. We can do the same for you.  Learn more about ASC 820 or GASB 72

Valuation Services

Rapid Valuations

HedgeStar provides valuations for clients needing rapid turnaround. In many cases we can provide same-day valuations for even the most challenging of derivative and fixed income instruments.

Mid-Market Valuations

HedgeStar provides unbiased mid-market values for derivatives and other financial instruments. Our valuations are calculated and available as of day end on a daily basis. Mid-market valuations are calculated based on the mid-point between the published bid and the offer.

ASC 820 Fair Value Measurements

ASC 820 Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures defines “fair value” and clarifies the methodology to be used for determining the fair value of assets and liabilities. HedgeStar is a leading provider of ASC 820 compliant non-performance adjusted valuations for derivatives and other financial instruments.

Derivative Valuation

HedgeStar values all types of derivatives, from plain vanilla swaps to more complicated structures such as knock out swaptions and CPI indexed derivatives. Derivative valuations can be performed in U.S. dollars or  foreign currencies. We use market standard derivative valuation methods based on live market data and proprietary models to value derivative contracts.

Asset Valuation

HedgeStar values a broad range of financial assets including traditional securities and many illiquid, hard-to-value securities. Our expertise and experience valuing derivatives allows us to think outside the box when it comes to illiquid asset valuations.

Liability (Debt) Valuation

HedgeStar provides debt valuations for government and agency bonds, corporate bonds, notes and debentures; fixed and variable rate municipal bonds, and many types of loans. We deliver a customized report to our clients that can be used for financial statement preparation. The report also contains information required by auditors, which allows them to validate our process and valuation methodology.


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