Many Corporations possess inadequate tools to efficiently and effectively manage commodity price risk. HedgeStar offers a Software-as-a-Service platform called Hedgebook that addresses this issue. The following are problems with solutions that Hedgebook provides for its users: 
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What is Hedgebook?
Hedgebook is a preferred system of record for Hedgestar and the ideal Software-as-a-Service platform for commodity hedgers and risk managers alike. 

Hedgebook was formed in 2011 with a mission to provide a cost effective alternative to spreadsheets when managing financial instruments and derivatives.


Hedgebook experts and software developers have been working hard to create tools that make the lives of fellow finance professionals simpler. Hedgebook has been developed by experienced treasury practitioners who understand the complexities of the financial markets but who can present it in an easily understood format.

Even though HedgeBook technology is used by major accounting firms and fintech firms, Hedgebook is targeted at the SME market who are grappling with the complexities of financial instruments and are using spreadsheets to do it.

More Control. Less Risk.

Stop relying on unsecure, error-prone spreadsheets. Hedgebook gives you confidence in the data and reduces key-person risk.

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Interested in our Hedgebook system or our other services?
For more information about how Hedgebook can help your business, please reach out to, John Trefethen & Craig Haymaker: 

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