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By: Craig Haymaker, Chief Operating Officer

I worry about meat producers and consumers hedging price risk exposure entirely out of spreadsheets. The risk of error, versioning issues and clumsy processing are enough to make anyone cringe. I also see companies that have been hedging for a long time who are managing and accounting for hedge positions using systems developed in the 90’s. These systems are archaic, slow and don’t begin to produce the hedging reports needed for senior leaders to make informed decisions about risk management.

Hedgebook’s SaaS treasury management solution is built using the latest technology and is hosted in a highly secure, cloud environment to deliver a seamless user experience. It is accessible anytime, anywhere. Hedgebook’s daily market data feeds allow users to generate independent, up-to-date valuations. A suite of clear and concise reports puts valuable information in the hands of key decision makers. Cash flow management is simplified, and performance against policy is always visible. There is no integration necessary to use Hedgebook. It is designed to be simple and intuitive without the need for extensive user training. Our experts can get you and your team up and running with a short training session.


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Contact the Author:

Craig Haymaker, Chief Operating Officer

Mobile: 952-240-1984

Office: 952-208-5704

Media Contact:

Megan Roth, Marketing Generalist

Office: 952-746-6056



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