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Bumpy Road Ahead - LIBOR-SOFR Transition

Preparing Your Credit Union for the LIBOR-SOFR Transition

May 25, 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT

HedgeStar is partnering with, ALM First Financial Advisors, to discuss the impending LIBOR transition. In this session, we will focus on why financial institutions are transitioning away from LIBOR as a benchmark, and how your institution can prepare for the transition.​

More than $200 trillion in US dollar denominated assets are pegged to LIBOR, which is going away in less than two years. How will this seismic change impact your financial institution? Tune in to learn more about why LIBOR is disappearing, how it affects both new issues and outstanding bonds, what alternative benchmarks may be used after LIBOR, and what your financial institution needs to do to prepare. Details: Price: Free Level: Basic Advanced Preparation: None Prerequisites: None Field of Study: Finance CPE Credit(s): 1 Delivery Method: Group Live


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