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HedgeStar's Kevin Jarvis, FMVA, Promoted to Operations Manager

Minneapolis, MN | January 22, 2024 | HedgeStar Marketing

Kevin Jarvis, FMVA, is promoted to Marketing Manager at HedgeStar.

Kevin Jarvis promotion announcement

HedgeStar announces that Kevin Jarvis, FMVA, has been promoted to Operations Manager.


In his new role, Kevin will continue to lead the firm’s client reporting services, while also expanding his formal client relationship duties.  He also continues to be a key technical resource for HedgeStar and its clients.

“Kevin’s exemplary professionalism and integrity sets both himself and our firm apart.  We’re privileged to have Kevin on our side and applaud his continued growth,” said Tim Potter, Managing Director at HedgeStar.


Please join us in congratulating Kevin!



Contact Kevin Jarvis:

Mobile: 406-381-6122

Office: 952-746-6177

HedgeStar Media Contact:

Megan Roth, Marketing Manager

Office: 952-746-605



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