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Johan Rosenberg as Chief Revenue Officer at HedgeStar

Minneapolis, MN | February 16, 2024 | By: HedgeStar Marketing

Johan Rosenberg Chief Revenue Officer at HedgeStar

Johan Rosenberg has recently transitioned to the role of Chief Revenue Office at HedgeStar while also continuing as the General Partner of the Tril 1 LP, a holding company which owns a number of companies including HedgeStar and Blue Rose Capital Advisors.


In his role of Chief Revenue Officer, Johan will be working on building out the Sales Team at HedgeStar. Johan has over 30 years of experience executing hedging strategies, designing and implementing derivative reporting solutions and the accounting and legal proceedings of complex financial instruments.


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Contact Johan Rosenberg:

Florida Office | Minneapolis Office

Florida Office: 561-631-6638

Minneapolis Office: 952-746-6030


HedgeStar Media Contact:

Megan Roth, Marketing Manager

Office: 952-746-605


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