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Softening Spreads Still Wide Enough to Drive Trade as Market Shifts Focus to Gasoline

Minneapolis, MN | February 27, 2023 | By: Steve Sinos, Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC

Crude Oil

The EIA reported a monstrously wide build in commercial crude stocks for the second time in 2023, estimating stocks rose by 16.27mm bbls for the week ended February, 2023 10 and marking the sixth consecutive week of rising commercial stocks. It is a bit of a surprise to see such a build during a week when the call on US crude rose by ~690kbd – imports were lower by 826kbd, exports rose by 246kbd, while refinery runs were lower by 383kbd.

Exports are expected to continue to support US domestic production, which has risen to an estimated 12.3mm bpd. Granted, these numbers are subject to change, and with adjustment factors in the weekly report reaching ~2mm bpd, reconciling the weekly estimates against monthly reports is increasingly important.

*This summary is based off February 20, 2023

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