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A Year After Making Highs, Crude Oil Prices May Have Found Support

Minneapolis, MN | September 5, 2023 | By: Steve Sinos, Blue Lacy Advisors, LLC

Now that supply chains have adjusted, we should be able to observe whether fundamentals are supportive of crude oil prices.

Three Things

  1. Last year’s Bulls missed the mark. Prices are still high, but with lower volatility, downside risks may be lower.

  2. A year on, we can see how supply chains have adjusted, enabling sanctioned barrels to make it to market and identifying the real constraints.

  3. Fundamentals look more supportive this year than last, with refineries running hard to capture wide cracks.

Prices are Already High (Still), but Downside Risk Looks Lower

One of the reasons we thought last year’s forecasts were unrealistic for the average expected outcome was the amount of risk premia already baked into prices. More importantly, volatility was reaching record highs. The Brent prompt contract’s daily close exceeded $100 on average for five consecutive months from March 2022 through July 2022. This hadn’t happened since 2014, which was a materially different regime (lower rates, different term structure, lower volatility, and no US exports). Also, from a purely mathematical standpoint, the forecasts took a high price and tried to forecast a future price, which means they were baking in a ton of bias. We wrote about both of these things previously:

*This summary is based off August 27, 2023

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